Youth Development

Freeport Rugby & Football Club has a very successful youth soccer development structure in place. The Club is home to the Dolly Madison Youth Development Programme. The objective of the programme is to implement a framework for youth soccer (focusing predominantly on boys) on the island so that organized soccer can be played and appropriate coaching is available for all players from the age of 9 to the age of 20 , at which point they become part of the adult GBFL.

Presently the programme runs every Wednesday night from 5pm to 7pm at the following age groups under qualified coaches:

  • 11 and under,
  • 13 and under,
  • 14 to 17 – Whirlpool Intermediate I League
  • 18 plus

This programme has been in place for over six years now and over 100 boys participate on a weekly basis during the season under the guidance of expert qualified coaches. As well as practicing, these teams play games against local teams as well as traveling teams from US and the Bahamas. In recent season, the youth teams have: hosted teams from the US, Nassau and Abaco and traveled to other Bahamian islands for games

Part of the Programme includes the Whirlpool Intermediate I league which is for boys aged 14 to 17 and is played every Wednesday. Currently the Whirlpool League consists of 5 teams but this is expected to grow to at least 7 teams when the new soccer pitches are completed next year.

The oldest youth team (ages 17 to 20) comprise players who have come ‘up through the ranks’. They play in the adult GBFL as Brita Red Bulls and we are proud to say they are the reigning adult champions despite the majority of the players still being at school! Even more importantly, two of these players are now on soccer scholarships in the US and it is anticipated that at least three more will follow them next year to US colleges on scholarships.

The Club has also been the driving force behind the hugely successful Annual Youth Soccer Camps which have held over the last four summers which have attracted almost 200 participants and is now run in conjunction with the English Premier League.

Any interested players , coaches or visiting teams should contact us via the contact page on the website or via Mark Hardy using the contact form or 1242 357 5403.